Thursday, January 5, 2012

Erotic Friction

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Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco, California, April 17, 2010.

Ah, if you don’t do your best work when you are performing at THE CENTER FOR SEX AND CULTURE where there is a deep base, community, spiritual environment of freedom and exploring, you might reconsider your life work! And the physical theater there is designed to promote a cozy intimacy. This is not to say there are not special issues when you are performing in such an erotic institute of freedom. Like a lot of the people came in with crusts of sexual hip images. These would have blocked going deep within one another. But they very quickly shed these crusts. We then had a cozy room of adventurers who were willing to play softly and be silly together, floating together wherever the performance took us. They took personal responsibility for wanting to go wherever the performance went. 

This caused the night to be one movement flowing freely from one port of call to the other as if we just discovered a different level of where we were just exploring. Usually I just keep throwing out bits and see what catches. But last night it was so smooth! Of course Tomek’s music lubricated everything. But that is always what I depend upon! Last night I may have had one or two or more great plants. That always makes my job a lot easier! But mainly it was the people who came. Actually we ran out of time to get into EROTIC FRICTION. This is why I in my younger days did forty-eight hour performances, and why I do series of performances.

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