Friday, September 23, 2011

Enough Tour - Il Corral Sept 15

This is a good example of a gig of my Cherotic All Star Band.

Recorded during the Enough tour of Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band, Saturday, September 15, 2007 at Il Corral, Los Angeles, CA.

The Cherotic All Stars were:
Patrick Rodriguez – Synthesizers/Noise (Send My Regards/Transhumans)
Justin Cassidy – Synthesizers/Noise (Send My Regards/Transhumans)
Eddie The Floater – Synthesizers/Noise (+DOG+)
Steve Davis – Bass (+DOG+)
Jeremy Morelock – Bass (hop-frog kollectiv)
Eric Baughn aka Hermit the Flog – Percussion (hop-frog kollectiv)
Carl F. Off – Melodica/Looping (hop-frog kollectiv)
Christie Scott– Vocals (Bavab Bavab/IL Corral)
Stane Hubert – Soundman (Bavab Bavab/IL Corral)
Sandor Finta – Percussion (Bastardized)
T-eem – Percussion
Steve Emanuel– Guitar
Leo Coronado – Guitar (Die Rockers Die, +DOG+, etc.)
Linda Mac – Vocals/Explosive Dance
Erika – Vocals/Explosive Dance
Frank Moore – Orchestration/Band Leader/Vocals

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